Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010 from Luna

Tonight I will be trying a new recipe call Baked Italian Salmon from the Calorie Count website. It's simple, needless to say. EVOO, seasonings, lemon juice, and salmon. Right now I'm wondering what to serve with it. I have a new product to try: Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice. (Let's see if it charms Mr. Brown, who prefers white rice.) The facts aren't bad for this product with 5g of fiber, 5g of protein, 2g of fat(but none of the bad kind), and 200 calories in a 1 cup serving. Then some steamed veggies should sum it up and slap it on the table. See 2 reviews of this meal in tomorrow's blog post. No film at 11. Short one today pals, see you tomorrow. Luna

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