Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Baccccckkkkk!

Okay, yes. I was going to start blogging again on Tuesday, but the habit has left me and I have to start over. But, I'm here now and intend to blog every day!!! It doesn't have to take long, Marsha.
Susan, your blog about vitamin D is very interesting. Steve's D tested very low last January and Dr. T recommended daily D capsules. Steve is taking 5,000 units per day. I was surprised about Steve's D being low. He eats dairy products and other good sources, and certainly get lots of sunshine. When I researched online for causes, one I found was related to cancer, so naturally I wanted to talk to Dr. T about that. He said that was not a concern for Steve. (Lack of other signs, etc.) I had read that 15 minutes of sunshine per day is sufficient to get the D you need, but that isn't working for Steve, who gets way more than that. I want to know more about D research being done. Do trans fat and high fructose and hydrogenated oils interfere with the bodies ability to use the D we get? Is anyone trying to find out? Shouldn't someone hire David Jeremy for big bucks to spend time finding out what's what? (Pardon the nepotism.)
The cereal thing is SO on target! I quit eating Raisen Bran because I wanted three to six small bowls full. (I like to eat small bowls of crunchy, milky cereal rather than large bowls of mushy cereal.) M and I are eating cereal every day as granola, but your idea sounds yummy. I'll see if I can treat Steve to a bowl without telling him it is good for him.
Tuesday I made a first attempt at homemade granola nut clusters. Okay, but not great. Needs work. Last night I tried a recipe for Power Cookies (made with oatmeal and canellini beans!). I think they left out an ingredient though, because I had to add liquid to form a dough. They were tasty and really as "good for you" as the granola, fruit, and nuts we are eating for breakfast, and MUCH better than my clusters. So, once we eat up these batches, I'm going to try again. Also, with the cooler weather and open windows, my urge to bake is on the rise. Came across my recipe for Breakfast Bread yesterday. Thought about how to improve the nutrition of my recipe for pumpkin bread. Carbs, carbs, carbs!!!! Last night's skillet dinner turned out good - pork loin chops with sweet potato, acorn squash, and apple in a pineapple sauce. No leftovers is a good sign of success.
That's all for now. Blog on!

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susan said so said...

I knew I wouldn't start Tuesday, that being my first day back to work after 5 days and a lifetime off. A lifetime only because they were 5 so-very-full days. A good thing. Lots of good things. I will try to get back to it this weekend, tho I'm working Saturday and so will only have Sunday off before I'm back to work for another full week.

Yes, someone should hire David Jeremy. Nepotism is also a good thing, at least when the family is ours. :)

Canellini bean cookies? Hmmmm. Post the recipe, please.

love you love you so glad to see you!!